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Bitcoin is a simple but complex system. It may be best described as a mathematical abstraction, although with deeper analysis it’s existence & continued reliability overtime suggest that this technology will have substantial cultural, political, and economic implications.

The Protocol Podcast is formatted for conversations focused on Bitcoin & the future of money. Protocol’s host, Eric Savics, converses with business & thought leaders in both Bitcoin and finance to accrue and amplify important knowledge and insight as we move through an internet based revolution in money.

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Bitcoin Philosophy

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Bitcoin, Humanity’s most Secure System

In this video we describe and discuss how Bitcoin became the most secure computing platform/system in human history.

What is Abra?

A snippet from our video "Bitcoin - The Road to $1 Trillion". In this video, we talk about the Abra app, what it is, and what it means for the future of Bitcoin.

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Diplomacy between Hive & Genesis

In the spring of 2019 Genesis Mining attempted to take over the HIVE Blockchain board in reaction to HIVE demanding a return of $50 million USD from Genesis Mining for material breaches of the HIVE/Genesis master services. After months of hostility and dormant operations, HIVE Blockchain and their operational partner Genesis Mining have resolved their disputes.

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Facebook coin, Libra

In episode 3 of The Bitcoin Philosophy Series we explore 5 major questions we have surrounding Facebook’s so called “crypto currency”, the “Libra Coin”.

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 “ It might make sense to get some, in case it catches on.” - Satoshi Nakamoto

Money is, in its essence, a technology for human coordination. The technology of money is not fully optimized, as there is a foundational design flaw in the current fiat money system. That flaw is trust. Users must trust the central authority will not dilute or debase the money for political purposes, eroding productive output stored in that money. Trust must be removed for a truly sound money system.

Bitcoin is a money system that mitigates the need for trust. It is the world's first successful implementation of digital scarcity offering the highest degree of trust minimization, whilst providing the highest degree of security to uphold it’s universally honest ledger. Ten years after it’s inception, Bitcoin is now the reserve currency of the internet and the protocol to build the internet of value moving forward. The macro value proposition of Bitcoin today is in its offering as an asymmetric hedge against the global fiat money system.

The long term value proposition of Bitcoin, is in the plausibility that a single digit percentile of global wealth migrates to the Bitcoin network. Such an event would be the largest transfer of wealth in human history, and in turn be the largest wealth creation event of our time. As this is a possible outcome I believe it is critically important to accrue an understanding of this technology. I have been closely studying the technology of Bitcoin since I discovered it in 2013. I have created this website to share my knowledge

- Eric Savics.

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